Nails, fashionable in 2014 year

Nails, fashionable in 2014 year
Well-groomed nails are a business card of a woman. In recent years, women of fashion increasingly prefer nascent nails, fashion for design which is very variable. What was in demand yesterday, today is considered a fashionistas not relevant. 2014 year introduced in the design of the narcotic nails its adjustments.

Actual form of nails

In 2014, among the nails extruded, the most fashionable are almond-shaped and rounded forms. Those who love sharp and square long nails, will have to change the habitual taste preferences, and come to a more natural form of nail plates. Those who do not want to give up the usual manicure, the stylists advise you to visually correct the corners with the help of the drawings on the nails.

Fashion trends

If we talk about design of nails, then this year is still relevant is the classic French manicure. The most fashionable trend in manicure art today is a combination of originality and elegance, refinement and brilliance.

When creating a modern French manicure has long been used a variety of colors and all sorts of decorative elements. The most relevant in the 2014 year is the French manicure executed in black and gold. The design and color accents of such a manicure should largely depend on the upcoming event and style of clothes, as well as on the taste preferences of the fashionista.

Another fashion trend of this year is a nude manicure. The phrase "make-up nude" has already become quite familiar, and now there is also a manicure in this popular style. The principle of design nails in the style of nude is the same as in make-up – the minimum number of colors and emphasis on natural beauty. For this manicure the shades of beige color, as well as the whole palette of light pink tones, white, and pastel shades, which are close to the natural color of the nails, will work well.

Colors and drawings

If you want to make a fashionable pattern on the nails, then you should pay attention to the fact that in 2014 year in the fashion various textures that imitate marble, sand and stone. In addition, the multicolored nails will be successful, with the presence of sparkling and bright rhinestones and sequins. To create a gentle image, the ideal nail design will be applying an original and beautiful pattern in the form of elegant colors or decorative modeling.

As for the fashionable nail polish, in addition to opaque varnishes and nail enamels, the lacquer with a mirror effect is very relevant. Also popular this year is the satin lacquer, which, unlike matte, has a splendid sheen of shine, and after drying it looks like velvet or satin fabric.

It is very fashionable this year to cover short nails with a bright varnish of rich and juicy shades. At the peak of popularity, the entire palette of blue, as well as green and orange colors.

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