Nail extensions at home

Nail extensions at home
You admired accreted nails your girlfriend and wanted to do the same? But you can not afford to go to the salon? Do not despair, because the build-up of nails can be done at home.

First, be patient and try to be very careful. Secondly, for nail extensions in domestic conditions you need to purchase a special kit. Third, choose whether you want to build nails with acrylic or with a gel. To the novice master in domestic conditions it is better to use gel, as it spreads well on the nail surface, and the build-up is neat.

How to implement nail extension in the household conditions?

Сначала подготавливаем ногти

• Do not use hand cream before building.
• Gently clean the nail near the cuticle.
• Отшлифуйте поверхность ногтя пилкой, проводя ею крест – на крест. Эта процедура обязательна, иначе гель начнет отслаиваться.
• Degrease the surface of the nail.
• Apply the gel with a brush and, using an ultraviolet lamp, dry your nails for a while.

The second stage of nail extensions at home

• You can grow nails at home on forms and tips. When building nails on forms, stencils are used, on which the gel is applied, and after it has solidified, the forms are removed.
• If you use tipsy, they are glued to the nail, then a gel is applied over the top. Tips do not clean after it has solidified, they remain, covering half the surface of the nail. This type of build-up can be used for very short nails.
• Нанесите гель на ногти еще раз и еще раз посушите. Эту процедуру можете проделать несколько раз (обычно 2-3 раза).
• Now we make the necessary shape for each nail.
• Lacquer or a pattern on the nails is applied at your discretion.

Nail extensions at home are a long and time-consuming process that requires skills. But these nails will serve you for more than a month, and you can surprise the surrounding beauty of their well-groomed hands and take enthusiastic compliments.

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