Mustard mask, accelerating hair growth

Mustard mask, accelerating hair growth
A mask based on mustard accelerates the growth of hair. This is explained by the fact that mustard provides a maximum flow of blood to the scalp and to the hair bulbs.

For a mustard mask, you need the ingredients that are available in almost every home:

– mustard powder, hot water, olive oil – according to 2 art. spoons;
– sugar – 1 tsp spoon;
– желток;

All ingredients are mixed to form a homogeneous mass, and applied to the scalp. It is advisable to apply the mask only to the proline so that as little canard as possible falls directly onto the hair.

The head is wrapped in food film or cellophane, a hat is put on top, or the head is wrapped in a towel or a handkerchief like a turban. Keep the mask is recommended from 15 minutes and up to an hour. But in the event that the mask burns the skin, causing discomfort, it needs to be washed off, as the scalp can be very sensitive, and the mask in this case will cause a burn.

To insure yourself from burns, you can apply a small amount of mask to a small area of ??the skin and check the reaction. If everything is in order, then you can safely use the tool, with each procedure increasing the time.

Делать горчичную маску можно 1-2 раза в неделю. После процедуры маска смывается теплой водой, волосы очень хорошо промываются shampoo, followed by a balm or a special mask-hair growth activator, the useful components of which are perfectly absorbed into the skin heated by the mustard mask.

Маску можно делать в течение неограниченного количества времени, но чтобы увидеть реальный результат, нужно делать ее как минимум месяц. Кстати, рекомендуется маска не только представительницам прекрасного пола – маска прекрасно помогает и men вернуть густую шевелюру.

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