Mustard hair mask

Mustard hair mask
Dry mustard is used as the main component of masks for hair growth. This burning powder gives a reaction when interacting with granulated sugar. Thanks to such a mask hair loss stops, the growth is stimulated, roots are strengthened and sleeping hair follicles are awakened. As a result of this action, you can become the owner of a luxurious mop of hair.

You will need
  • mustard powder 2 st.l.
  • oil (burdock, linseed, olive, etc.) 2 tbsp.
  • yolk 1 pcs.
  • sugar 2 tsp
  • warm water 2 st.l.
We combine all the ingredients together and mix thoroughly until smooth. Note that the water should not be boiling water, it should be warm.

Masks should be allowed to brew 5-7 minutes, so that sugar dissolves better.

Горчичную смесь наносим исключительно на корни. Кончики волос лучше смазать любым маслом, чтобы они не withered. We put a plastic bag on our head and wrap ourselves with a towel on top.

On average, the mask is held for 30 minutes, or from 15 minutes to 1 hours. in the first application you need to withstand the minimum time.

After the procedure, my head shampoo and do not forget to apply balm.

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