Mustard foot baths

Mustard foot baths
To get rid of colds or hypothermia, foot baths with mustard will help you very well, and they will help you to get better recovery with bronchitis. In addition, people who suffer from hypertension are useful in these baths, because they reduce blood pressure.
Mustard baths have a curative effect due to their heating properties.

But there is also a contraindication. If your illness is taking place at a high temperature, do not use a similar bath.

It is necessary to take the powder and add a tablespoon in a filled basin with water. Keep feet in the water for about half an hour and add hot water as soon as the one that is already in the basin cools.
Then rinse your feet with plain water, and wear woolen socks. And best of all, if you go straight to bed after the procedure.

Ванночку с использованием горчицы применяйте ежедневно перед сном до полнейшего выздоровления. Можно проводить процедуру и в профилактических целях. В зимний и осенний период времени, чтобы все болезни обходили вас стороной делайте ванночку несколько раз в месяц.

And that the effect of the bath did not take long to drink green tea with raspberries or herbal infusion.

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