Mowing with bangs on medium hair

Mowing with bangs on medium hair
In the new season, especially relevant haircuts with medium length hair. This is very pleased fashionistas, since such hairstyles will suit both the owners of fine hair, and those with whom they twist.

Hairstyle with a bang – who will approach

Fashionable hairdressers offer several options for haircuts with bangs. They are based on three classic hairstyles – quads, beans and "Aurora". Of these haircuts, each lady can choose the right one for herself.

What is the advantage of a hairstyle with a bang? The hair hiding the forehead makes the face narrower. What helps to correct the shape of those who are not happy with the face oval. The bang visually makes the hair more dense, since it hides an insufficient volume in the frontal and occipital lobes. The bang allows to vary, stacking hair in front differently – on a side, back, obliquely. The bang goes to many precisely because of its functionality.

Do not make the bang too short if you do not want to focus the attention of others on the forehead shape.

Haircuts with a bang – what to choose

Стрижки с челкой на medium hair – a variety of quads, cascading haircuts (based on the "Aurora", where the curls are trimmed with a ladder), as well as an elongated classic bean.

In variants, when in hairstyles trimmed bangs, hair in the occipital and frontal parts of the head are also slightly shortened to give an additional volume to the haircut. For this, barbers miter the tips. This is also done if the hair is very thick and the bangs look too massive.

Filling the bang makes it more docile, making it easier.

The square of medium hair with a bang can be either ordinary or with long temporal strands. The bangs in the usual square are most often made straight to emphasize the cutting geometry. The oblique fringe is left in the case of elongated front locks to make the haircut easier, stylish, youthful. Kare is suitable for those who have an oval or triangular face.

Haircuts type "Aurora" allow you to create additional volume due to shortened strands in the upper part of the head. They do not attract hair, the hair stays lush. The bangs in these haircuts can be either straight or oblique, depending on the features of the exterior. A hairstyle for beauties with a round and rectangular face shape will do.

Классический боб, в котором волосы до висков состригаются совсем коротко, а в верхней части головы оставляются длинными, несколько видоизменился в угоду тем, кто не любит слишком короткие прически. Волосы возле шеи и в височных долях теперь оставляются достаточно длинными, не менее пяти-семи сантиметров. В бобе делается пышная густая челка. Такая форма подойдет обладательницам овального и квадратного лица, а также всем, кто хочет сделать визуально уже нижнюю часть лица.

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