Moisturizing Cream: The Right Choice

Moisturizing Cream: The Right Choice
Humidification is an obligatory procedure necessary to maintain skin health at any age. And without moisturizing cream is indispensable. Choose this cosmetic product, based on several criteria.


По сезону

In a warm the time of the year, cosmetologists recommend using lighter agents that do not leave a greasy shine and do not clog the pores of the skin. A mandatory condition – the presence of a filter in the cream from ultraviolet rays. Any acids contained in creams, under the influence of the sun can lead to the formation of pigmented spots, so in summer it is better to abandon them.

With the onset of cold weather you can go to more dense and thick creams, enriched with vitamins and various supplements that nourish the skin.

According to the age

Young girls can choose light moisturizers, versatile, or selected by the type of skin, but зruled дамам лучше отдать предпочтения средствам, содержащим антиоксиданты, коллаген, ретинол, а также витамины А и С – это поможет сохранить молодость кожи.

By skin type

For dry skin requires additional nutrition, so its owners should pay attention to the funds enriched with natural oils, glycerin, hyaluronic acid.

For oily the same skin, on the contrary, the excessive oily structure of the cream will be harmful, so it is better to choose the products marked "oil free". Glycerin for this type of skin is also undesirable.

For the problematic skin prone to acne, you should choose creams, which include sulfur, zinc, alpha and beta hydro-acids – they will have a beneficial effect on the skin condition.

Для комбинированного type special creams suitable for drying the T-zone and at the same time moisturizing the skin of the face. But you can use different types of creams for different sites.

Owners of normal skin can use neutral creams without special additives used for problematic, dry or oily skin.

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