Miraculous Body-Aid for Face: Mask Recipes

Miraculous Body-Aid for Face: Mask Recipes
Bodyaga is a natural remedy with vasodilating and exfoliating action. It is widely used in cosmetology. So, for example, from the miraculous bodyguards make facial masks.

Cleansing mixture based on bodyguards

A deep cleansing action is characterized by a mask made from such components:
– powder of the body sponge;
– hydrogen peroxide.
The ingredients are mixed (ratio 1: 1), after which the prepared skin is covered with gruel, avoiding the eyelid area. After 5-7 minutes, when the mask begins to dry up, take a cotton swab and gently rub the applied mixture into the skin (the procedure is done 2-3 minutes). Then the cleansing gruel is washed off with warm boiled water. This procedure is contraindicated for too sensitive skin, as well as for people suffering from hypertrichosis.

Mask from the body sponge for problem skin

The recipe for a curative cosmetic is as follows:
– 3 tsp clay;
– 4 tsp water;
– 1 tsp bodyguards.

After mixing the components (a homogeneous pulp should be obtained) the mass is applied uniformly onto the prepared skin and leave the slurry to dry completely (20-23 minutes). Then wash with cool boiled water and cover the skin with moisturizing cream. Treatment should be done twice a week.

Homemade cosmetic product based on dry skin for dry skin

This amazing mask contains the following components:
– 1 tsp white clay;
– 1 tsp bodyyagi;
– ordinary drinking or mineral water.

Clay and watercress are mixed and diluted with warm water. Then the resulting pasty mass is applied to the prepared skin of the face, except for the area around the eyelids. After 27-30 minutes, the face is rinsed with warm boiled water. After this procedure, the skin is covered with a nutritious cream.

Mask from the body against acne

To prepare a medicinal mixture, you need a set of components:
– 15 g powder of water spray;
– 5% solution of boric acid.

Bodjagu is bred with boric acid (it should be a thick, homogeneous mass) and the mixture is heated in a water bath. Apply the curative paste to the prepared skin with a cotton pad. Hold the mask 20-22 minutes, then wash off the healing mixture with warm boiled water. After this procedure, the skin is covered with a nutritious cream.

Rejuvenating pulp based on the bodyguard

To prepare a cosmetic with a rejuvenating effect, the following components are taken:
– 1 st.l. dry yeast;
– Fat cream;
– 1 st.l. powder of water spray;
– water.

Yeast is diluted with a little warm water, then the mixture is enriched with cream and water. The resulting gruel is covered with a face and left for 30-32 minutes. Wash off the mask at first warm, and then with cool water.

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