Methods of eyelash extension and methods of care

Methods of eyelash extension and methods of care
Some women since the birth of nature did not pass by their attention – they are happy owners of long, thick and twirled eyelashes. And the majority spends a significant amount of money for the purchase of quality lengthening mascara, the purchase of tools for twisting and enough time for daily make-up. But after all, how fascinating and charming, attract and drive crazy beautiful eyes! To date, the problem of rare and short cilia is easily solved by the procedure of building.

The procedure of building painless, takes about a couple of hours and consists in gluing artificial eyelashes to the eyelids with the help of resinous glue.

To increase the use of artificial materials, in composition close to silk and natural hair. "Sable" or "mink" – this is the name of the technology of production and does not mean that the cilia are made of animal hair, since in this case there is the possibility of allergy and conjunctivitis.

Во время процедуры используют клей. Он может быть черным и бесцветным. Преимущество черного заключается в создании эффекта подводки, что придает большую выразительность глазам.

There are two ways of building up: beams and a "cilium to the cilium".

  1. Bunchingnot expensive, rather fast and effective in terms of obtaining fluffy eyelashes procedure. The fact is that the bundle of 3-5 hairs is attached to the base of the eyelashes with glue, which can be different in their density, length and appearance (rhinestones, gilding, etc.). Disadvantages of this method are short service life and not quite natural appearance.
  2. Extension of the "cilium to the cilium" quite expensive and takes more time. However, when building this way, the effect of false eyelashes is completely absent, the service life is longer, and the look does not become heavier.

To ensure that your cilia serve you longer, observe the following rules of care:

  • sleep on your side or back
  • do not rub your eyes
  • refuse the use of mascara (with the erasure of the cilia peel off)
  • avoid baths and saunas
  • refuse daily use of contact lenses
  • Do not use oily eye cream

In both cases, it is possible to remove the cilia. This very unpleasant fact can be eliminated on its own in domestic conditions and for a long time to maintain at a decent level the result obtained.

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