Men's fragrances, which are again in fashion

Men's fragrances, which are again in fashion
In the world of men's fragrances, there is a clear tendency towards the eternal "sea" classics. The main theme of perfume for men is association with dark blue, slightly brackish, brave and very romantic. Accents are placed on tart sandalwood notes, in fashion – nobility, refinement and unpredictability. All these qualities were reflected in a few half-forgotten lines from Giorgio Armani, Alfred Dunchill and, of course, Kenzo.

The unique character of the male flavor of BLV Pour Homme is in a daring, but so attractive contrast of severity and warmth, instinct and control over the situation. The perfume created by Bvigari Parfums is for a man, inside of which passions are raging. Unexpected notes of ginger and juniper accentuate his masculinity, and woody alchemy sandalwood and cedar – will make the heart of not one beauty tremble.

Refined elegance, perhaps, some detachment and restraint – this is the visiting card of Chaumet Homme men's perfume from Chaumet. His floral notes emphasize the muffled sweetness of musky shades, and the laconic tones of Paraguayan tea, cattail and vetiver are endowed with the mystery, mysticism of every man who chooses this fragrance.

Fresh and clean Acqua di Gio – man's fragrance for intellectuals inclined to both philosophical and logical conclusions. Citrus notes presented to this line by its creator Giorgio Armani are designed to aggravate the perception of the outside world, muscat, cedar and white musk – to strengthen the inner emancipation.

Elegant men's perfume "X-Centric" from "Alfred Dunchill" – for a unique impulsive man. He has his own style, his own charisma. He belongs only to himself and does not value anything as much as freedom. The hero of the perfume "X-Centric" always with a smile, and always – in the spotlight, because his home is a world where the true king is wit.

The transparent, elegant and refreshing bouquet of the men's fragrance "Aquaman" is ideal for refined natures, those whose weapons in the struggle for a woman's heart are insinuating whisper and endless variations of original compliments. Amazing notes of juicy grapefruit, fruits and cypress leaves, as well as the mild tartness of coriander grains – these are the recommendations of the Rochas house for lovers and lovers.

Magnificent design accompanies no less magnificent perfume for men "L`Eau par Kenzo pour Homme" – one of the favorites of the house "Kenzo". The aroma is traditionally fashionable and relevant, its brevity knows no equal, and impeccable restraint leads the list of "bestsellers" among the male fragrances of the "spring-summer" season.

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