Melt water

Melt water
Melt water will help not only to cheer up, but also to improve. This natural liquid in its energy is close to man. She can wash her face, wipe herself, wash her hair. And to increase the tone of the skin and relieve the rash will help massage with the use of such water.

Melt water is not used in treatment, it is used more for preventive and general health purposes. In the people it is associated with melting snow, streams, but this liquid contains a large number of salts of heavy metals, microbes and bacteria, which is why it is not included in therapy in medicine.

Self-prepared melt water is no worse than natural. And to make it very simple. It is sufficient to have ordinary tap water and a filter at hand. Pass the liquid through the cleansing facility and pour into a clean vessel. Freeze the resulting composition. Notably, if you take mineral water, the effect will be even better.

As soon as the water starts to freeze, discard a piece of ice lying on the surface. It is this part that absorbs an element harmful to the body – deuterium. Put the bottle or jar again in a cool place and periodically check how much the liquid has frozen. If on 1 / 3, boldly get it. From this frozen piece of melt water you will get useful moisture. All the rest can be poured.

Выпивая каждый день 200 мл талой воды натощак, вы сможете улучшить самочувствие и в скором времени почувствуете прилив сил. Кстати, абсолютно бессмысленно использовать талую воду для приготовления пищи или отваров. Она утрачивает полезные свойства при нагревании уже до 37 градусов.

Для поддержания молодости кожи, можно добавлять в талую воду свежий сок огурца, яблока, лимона. Умываться таким составом можно ежедневно без вреда для кожи. А для укрепления сосудов стоит употреблять около 2-3 стаканов талой воды в день, причем, первый выпивать натощак, а остальные – в течение дня.

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