Master class in nail design. Complex variant

Master class in nail design. Complex variant
The idea of ??the design of marigolds is suitable for masters who have the skills to draw monograms and thin lines.

You will need
  • – баф
  • – primer
  • – base
  • – топ
  • – colored gel varnish: black and burgundy
  • – black gel-color
  • – широкая липкая лента для дизайна ногтей
  • – втирка “зеркальный блеск”: золото или серебро
  • – a clincher or other liquid to remove stickiness
  • – тонкая кисть с длинным волоском для прорисовки тонких линий
  • As usual, I show a sample on the tipes, but I will describe how this design is done on the nail.
Standardly prepare the nail. We remove the gloss with a baff, and treat it with a primer. Cover the base with the lamp. Next, apply a layer of black gel-varnish – dry. One layer, because even on one vtirka it will look great, and multilayered in this design is not needed. Cover with top without a sticky layer – dry in a lamp. If you have a top with a sticky layer, then remove the stickiness.

We put on the top rub, and rub it so carefully that it lay like a thin film and the individual shiny pieces could not be seen. We brush an extra rub and cover with top – dry.

After drying, remove the sticky layer, cut off a piece of tape and glue it to the middle of the nail.

Cover the nail on top with a red gel-varnish in two layers, each layer is dried well.

We remove the tape and we have a perfectly flat strip in the middle.

With a fine brush, draw the outline with a black gel-paint.

We add monograms.

Cover the ready nails with top. I wanted an experiment and covered the marigold first with a matte top. It looks very impressive.

But the gloss on this design I was more pleased with the eye, so as a result I blocked it with a glossy top. But both designs have a place to be, and this is only your flight of fantasy.

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