Masks made of cosmetic clay for problem skin

Masks made of cosmetic clay for problem skin
Cosmetic clay like many girls, and not for nothing. After all, this affordable inexpensive product is able to literally perform miracles! Clears, tightens the skin on the body and face, cosmetic clay can be applied to the hair … For the problem skin, masks made from cosmetic clay are a salvation.

The main woes oily кожи – повышенная жирность, из-за которой забиваются поры и появляются acne и угри. Такую кожу нужно хорошо очищать, но не всегда обычное умывание сможет справиться с этим. На помощь придут masks from cosmetic clays.

1. Clay masks with oils

Do not be afraid of oil in the composition. If correctly pick up cosmetic butter, the benefit from it will be much greater than the harm.

On a teaspoon of clay powder добавим четверть чайной ложки масла виноградных косточек, перемешаем, разведем водой до консистенции густой сметаны.

Маску нужно сразу же нанести на лицо и шею по массажным линиям и оставить до высыхания.

After the mask has dried, you can notice that its entire surface is covered with strange points – do not be afraid, so the mask draws dirt from the pores.

Смыть маску можно с помощью специального спонжа теплой водой. После этого нанесите moisturizing Cream – masks from cosmetic clay dry the skin.

2. Clay masks with natural juice

In the place of oil, you can add a little lemon juice or aloe juice to the clay. Lemon will strengthen the cleansing effect of the mask and whiten the skin, and the aloe juice will moisturize and disinfect.

To wash off such mask it is necessary warm water. Do not forget about the cream. Fighting with dehydrated skin is more difficult than with fat.

3. Masks made of clay with other cosmetic products

If you add a little large salt or ground coffee to the clay, and then dissolve the dry mass with water until the condition of sparse sour cream, you will get a mask-scrub. First, gently massage your face, and then leave the mask on your face until it dries.

If desired, you can plant clay not with water, but with a tonic or lotion. Choose facilities, в которых нет спирта – жирная кожа подвержена обезвоживанию так же, как и другие типы кожи.

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