Masks made of clay for the face: types and benefits

Masks made of clay for the face: types and benefits
The benefits of clay were known even in ancient times, when in addition to medicine it was used in cosmetology. In the care of the skin, clay is often used in the form of rubbing and poultices. To remove toxins from the body and get rid of bacteria, the clay was taken inside. Treatment with clay gave good results in poisoning, muscle pain, and epidemics.

Today face masks from clay are effectively used in cosmetology. The main property of clay can be called skin cleansing. Masks based on clay are able to eliminate and prevent the appearance of oily shine, cleanse the skin, remove redness and peeling. The uniqueness of the clay in the masks is that it is equally suitable for the skin of the face, prone to dryness, and for oily skin.

Clay can be divided into several types, based, first of all, on its color. It is often due to its mineral composition. In nature, there are the following types of clay: red, white, blue, black, gray, yellow and green. Each separate kind of clay in cosmetology is used to achieve different results.

White clay

It is used in skin care, prone to fat, or for the treatment of combination skin. It is able to significantly cleanse and dry the skin, pull the expanded pores. Masks made of white clay have a slightly whitening effect.

Blue clay

Masks made of blue clay are most often used to care for oily skin. They effectively cope with the appearance of acne, improve the complexion. Blue clay will help to lighten freckles and various pigment spots, as well as smooth out facial wrinkles.

Green Clay

Mask of green clay is able to significantly smooth and tighten the skin, cleanse the pores, rid the skin of fatty shine. In the composition of masks it can be used in combination with other types of clay.

Red clay

Perfect for sensitive, dry and dehydrated skin. It can remove redness and irritation on the face, as well as peeling and itching.

Yellow clay

Suitable for intensive care for a fading, combination, oily and dull skin. Yellow clay for the face is able to saturate the skin with oxygen and improve its color.

Black clay

The mask of black clay is able to absorb all the contamination of the skin and harmful bacteria. It is perfect for care, both for normal and for oily skin.

Gray clay

Perfectly suited for the care of dry and moisturized face. It is mined at great depth in the sea and is able to provide the skin with deep hydration and toning.

How to make a mask of clay

Recipe masks from clay of any kind is very simple. In non-metallic vessels (this is a prerequisite so that oxidation does not occur), it is necessary to dilute clay with water to the consistency of thick sour cream. Then the mask should be applied to the skin and left for 10-15 minutes. Rinse the clay is best for comfortable skin for the skin – warm or slightly cool.


How to make a mask of clay

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