Masks for the face at home

Masks for the face at home
The recipes of these face masks are suitable for absolutely any type of skin: oily, combination, dry or sensitive. In addition, masks are easy to prepare at home.

Mask of oat flakes – cleans and rejuvenates

Овсянка — уникальный продукт красоты. Регулярное употребление овса в пищу способствует очищению организма, улучшению пищеварения, лечению различных заболеваний, похудению. А маски из овсянки создают поистине потрясающий эффект: омолаживают, выравнивают цвет лица, очищают и смягчают кожу. Вот рецепт простейшей маски из овсяных хлопьев.


– 1 st. a spoon of oatmeal flakes, ground in a coffee grinder or blender
– 1 st. spoon of natural yoghurt without flavors
– A few drops of honey

Mix yoghurt and oatmeal in a bowl. Preheat the honey. To do this, hold a teaspoon under a stream of hot water and then drip honey into it. Preheat honey add to oatmeal with yogurt and stir.
Нанесите маску на лицо и оставьте на 10 минут, после чего смойте теплой водой.

Маска из наполнителя для кошачьего туалета — спа-эффект

Unbelievable but true! Some varieties of fillers for cat litter consist of the same clay, as well as expensive masks in the spa! This unique discovery was made by Diane Irons, a recognized expert in the world of beauty and author of books about beauty. Look for fillers that include sodium bentonite. This is 100% natural clay.

Here is the simplest recipe for preparing a mask from a filler in domestic conditions.


– 2 tablespoons of filler
— Вода
– A few drops of your favorite essential oil

Mix all ingredients, apply mask on face, wash off in 15 minutes.

Mask of turmeric – skin lightening

Curcuma is a famous spice to many dishes in India, South Asia and the Middle East. But if you mix turmeric with yogurt, milk or olive oil – you will get a unique clarifying face mask.
Be careful: a mask of turmeric can dye too light skin. After a few hours, the spots will disappear.


– 2 st. a spoonful of flour (used to compact the paste)
– ? st. tablespoons turmeric
– For oily skin: ? cup natural yogurt a few drops of lemon juice
– For dry skin: 2 st. spoons or more of olive, almond or coconut oil
– A few drops of honey

Mix turmeric and flour.

For oily skin: add lemon juice and mix. Slowly mix the mixture into the yogurt constantly stirring. Mix to a creamy consistency.

For dry skin: slowly pour oil into the mixture of turmeric and flour, stirring constantly. Stir until a paste without lumps. If necessary, add oil.

В готовую маску налейте несколько капель меда. Нанесите маску на лицо и смойте через 15 минут.

Coffee and cocoa for a better complexion

Coffee and cocoa have long been used in the household beauty-procedures. In combination, they reduce the puffiness of the face and around the eyes, refresh and tone the skin.


– 4 st. spoons of ground coffee
– 4 st. cocoa spoons without additives
— 8 ст. ложек любого молочного продукта: молока, сметаны, натурального йогурта
— 2 ч. ложки меда (если у вас сухая кожа) или лимонного сока (если жирная кожа)

Mix all ingredients until smooth and apply to face. After the mask has dried on the face – it can be washed off.
A ready-made mask can be stored in the refrigerator for several days.

Омолаживающая маска из тыквы

Тыква — природный источник отшелушивающих кислот и антиоксидантов. Маска из мякоти тыквы поможет улучшить цвет лица, предотвратить появление морщинок и защитит кожу от фотостарения.


— ? стакана мякоти тыквы
– 2 eggs
– 2 teaspoons of natural yogurt (for dry or combination skin)
— 1 чайная ложка меда (для сухой кожи)
– 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar (for oily skin)

Prepare mashed pumpkin pulp and add eggs to it. If you have dry skin, add yogurt and honey to the mixture. If fatty – apple cider vinegar. Apply mask to face and hold 10-15 minutes. Rinse with cool water and moisturize the skin with cream.

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