Masks for sensitive skin

Masks for sensitive skin
Sensitive skin causes a lot of inconvenience to its owner. Any irritating factors have a harmful effect on it. To give the sensitive skin a fresh and healthy appearance, to calm and regain its tone, regularly use home-made masks from natural products.

Cucumber is ideal for sensitive skin care. It moistens it, removes irritation and redness. Grind a fresh cucumber on a small grater or in a blender. The resulting puree evenly apply to the face and hold 15 minutes. Rinse the mask with cool water. For convenience, you can cut the cucumber into thin slices and attach them to the face. The effect of this procedure will not be worse.

To make a mask for sensitive skin, you can use both raw and boiled potatoes. He perfectly softens and nourishes it, giving softness and velvety. The easiest way to make a mask is to grate the potatoes and apply an even layer on your face. In addition, you can enrich the composition with a small amount of milk cream or olive oil. The mask should be applied to clean skin using a special spatula. This home remedy perfectly copes with irritation, tones and refreshes the skin.

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