Masks for problem skin

Masks for problem skin
Problem skin provides a lot of care to its owners.
Thanks to these simple and effective masks recipes, you can quickly get rid of black spots and inflammation, as well as align the complexion.

Mask from acne.
Взять 1 ст.ложку меда, 1/2 ст.ложки сока алое, 5 капель перекиси водорода (3%), 1 каплю йода. Перемешать все ингредиенты и нанести на лицо на 10-15 минут. Снять косметическим молочком.

Mask from inflammation and black spots.
Mix 50 gr. grated baby soap, 0.5 cup of boiling water, according to 1 a teaspoon of ammonia and camphor alcohol. Apply to the skin in a circular motion, rinse with water.

Средство для выравнивания тона кожи.
In the day cream add a pinch of salt, 5 drops of olive oil, 3 drops of aloe juice. Apply to face.

Mask from acne.
Mix 1 teaspoon of salt, soda, 1 st.lozhku liquid soap, 1.5 st.lozhki 3% hydrogen peroxide. Apply immediately for 7 minutes, rinse with water.

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