Masks for hair growth

Masks for hair growth
To have beautiful, long and thick hair is the dream of many women. But in the conditions of not the best ecology, due to inadequate nutrition and insufficient hair care, dreams remain dreams. The best in this matter is helped by folk recipes in the form of masks. They need to be done from time to time with a regular periodicity, so that there is an effect.

Горчичная маска для роста волос:
– dry mustard powder 2 st.l.
– hot water 2 st.l.
– Yolk 1 pcs.
– olive oil (peach, burdock or any other) 2 tbsp.
– sugar 2 tsp.

В горячей воде разводим горчичный порошок. Добавляем все остальные ингредиенты и тщательно перемешиваем. Нанести смесь по проборам на кожу головы. Кончики волос данной маской обрабатывать нельзя. Лучше всего, при использовании горчицы, всю длину волос смазать любым подогретым косметическим маслом. После процедуры нужно укутать голову обычным целлофановым пакетом, а сверху обмотать махровым полотенцем.
The mask should be kept from 15 minutes to 1 hours. Time will depend on how much it "prikake" the head. If you can tolerate, then it's best to resemble a maximum of – 1 hour. Wash your hair first with warm water, then shampoo and apply a favorite mask.

Касторовое масло для роста волос:
– castor oil 1 st.l.
– olive oil 1 st.l.
– Yolk 1 pcs.

All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed together and rubbed into the roots of the hair. To make the mask as effective as possible, after applying the mixture it is necessary to warm the hair with a usual cellophane bag and wrap it on top with a towel. We need to sustain for at least an hour. Then wash off the mask with warm water and shampoo.

Kostorovo-honey mask for hair growth:
– castor oil 1 tsp.
– honey 1 st.l.
– Yolk 1 pcs.
– Bulb juice

All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed together and rub the resulting mixture into the roots of the hair. Wait for 1,5-2 hours. After the procedure, my head is in the usual way.

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