Masks for hair: briefly about the main

Masks for hair: briefly about the main
Similar cosmetics on the shelves of stores are hundreds and thousands. One has only to look at them – and you immediately get lost in the abundance of bright jars-bottles that hide in their bowels incredible components called, according to the producers, to heal our locks from any ailment. In such conditions it is difficult to buy a really worthwhile and effective product. To help in this difficult matter, we bring to your attention this article – it contains important and useful facts about hair masks, knowledge of which will allow you to better navigate in the modern assortment.


Маски для волос — что это такое?

Hair masks aimed at intensive care for your hair. Under the phrase "intensive care" is meant primarily treatment of the affected locks – the restoration of their structure, для укрепления and hair growth, elimination of various imperfections.

From other products for caring for hair, masks differ not only in their properties, but also, logically, with the composition. The concentration of useful substances in them is several times higher than in shampoos, balms or conditioners. The acidity index of pH is also higher. The fact is that pH is a kind of remote control that "launches" many chemical reactions in the body. Namely, it is provocation of a chemical reaction necessary in a particular case – and is the main task of all hair masks in principle. But high pH in cosmetics also means that it needs to be used carefully, following the manufacturer's instructions. The slightest mistake can not only not improve the condition of the hair, but on the contrary, worsen it.

There is no classification!

More precisely, it is, but it is so wide and large that there is not enough time or patience to paint all types and types of hair masks existing today. Therefore, let us consider briefly the main varieties.

Above we have already said that they sing out a group of similar products aimed at solving a particular problem. Some, for example, are intended for hair growth, while others, on the contrary, are created against their loss. The latter are often called reinforcing. Also, funds are being created to protect the head from negative environmental factors (ultraviolet, sea water, etc.), to restore the curls after the procedures of perm, straightening and many others.

Some masks are made for different types of hair (that is, for fatty, dry, normal, stained, etc.). They allow you to hide or even get rid of the shortcomings inherent in different types of hair, and ensure the strands the most beautiful and healthy appearance. Usually such means promise to return shine, softness, elasticity, smoothness. They are designed not only for curls that have already lost their attractive appearance. These products can be used as an additional hair care product to maintain their health and beauty. As a part of such products, natural components that are habitual for hearing are mixed with various additives obtained during scientific research. So, you can buy onion, egg, gelatin or a mask with honey, but in addition to these components there can also be various unusual additives in the form of molecules of keratin, silk, various kinds of proteins, etc.

It makes sense to highlight and профессиональные маски для волос. From the products of the market mass category, they are distinguished by a higher price (though not always!), As well as by the presence of special synthetic components in the composition, which make it possible to accelerate the obtaining of the desired effect. But in the application of such products more demanding. Usually you have to follow a lot of rules, indicated by the manufacturer, to purchase additional funds from the same ruler as the mask, in order to consolidate the effect, etc.

Home hair masks: their difference from the purchased ones

Cosmetic brands produce a huge amount of goods of this type. But even more can be found recipes that make it possible to make a tool to treat and strengthen the head of hair manually. Which of these two categories is better? Perhaps, you definitely will not answer this question. And in that, and in another case there are pluses and minuses. For example, purchased products can significantly save your time and energy. You just bought a tool, used it and set it aside on demand. The effect of such a product comes faster than from home cosmetics, which should be used regularly and for a certain time. Yes, and its production will have to spend time and often – a lot. To start, you need to find all the necessary components, some of which are difficult to obtain. Then they need to be processed, mixed with each other, maintaining the correct consistency. But using your own make-up cosmetics you will know for sure that you are using a truly natural product.

There are several of the most popular masks recipes. For example, kefir allows to impregnate strands with useful substances, to moisten and make them more smooth and elastic. It is very easy to use. Just need to apply a bit of the usual slightly warm kefir on the hair (for dry take 3,2%, for normal 2,5%, for fat ones – 1%) wrap them with polyethylene, and then with a towel. After an hour (although it can even be longer), you just need to wash your head with an ordinary shampoo. If the hair is dry, kefir can be mixed with honey to achieve the best result. For preventive purposes, the kefir mask should be used 1 once a month, for treatment – in two to three months, but not more often than once a week. A worthy alternative is the onion mask. It is worth paying attention to the egg. It is the ideal moisturizer for dry hair and degreaser for greasy. Owners of brittle and weakened strands or wishing to increase the volume, it is worth paying attention to gelatin masks.

Отлично зарекомендовали себя и маски из горчицы для укрепления и роста волос. Есть несколько рецептов, один из простейших: смешайте 1 ст. ложку горчичного порошка, 1 желток и 2 ст. ложки крепкого черного чая. Полученную смесь нанесите на голову на полчаса, а затем смойте водой, не используя шампунь. Процедуру желательно делать 2 раза в неделю, чтобы достичь максимального результата. Какой бы рецепт вы ни выбрали, помните — горчица также может пересушить кожу, спровоцировать перхоть и даже ломкость. Поэтому использовать ее нужно максимально осторожно, с точностью следуя рецептуре, особенно это касается людей с чувствительной кожей. Можно предварительно проверить реакцию организма, нанеся немного этой приправы, смешанной с водой, на тыльную сторону ладони. Легкое жжение в этом случае допустимо, но вот зуд, раздражение — явный признак того, что лучше горчичные маски вам не использовать.

Here we told you only about some recipes, in fact there are much more. Their main advantage is that you can choose for yourself the one that best suits your locks. But cosmetics manufacturers will also be able to offer you a lot of interesting things. The main thing – be careful and carefully study everything that you are offered.