Masks for face with yogurt

Masks for face with yogurt
Natural sour-milk products, among which kefir is very popular, are widely used for maintaining skin health. Masks made of yogurt are simple in performance, effective, accessible and time-tested.

Benefits and useful properties of kefir masks

Kefir is good not only because it contains a special bacteria, beneficial effect on the body from the inside, but also their cleaning properties. It is equally useful for all skin types, as it moistens dry, combines it to cleanse, and removes greasy shine from oily skin. Any restrictions on the use of kefir masks are also absent, therefore the mask on its basis can be selected to eliminate various problems with skin, including those associated with age-related changes.

Useful properties masks for face with yogurt:
– careful removal of contaminants from pores;
– their narrowing;
– придание коже бархатистости;
– normalization of the sebaceous glands;
– improvement color persons;
– Moisturizing and nourishment;
– предупреждение преждевременного старения.

Для достижения положительных результатов нужно лишь учитывать конкретные проблемы и свой тип кожи, чтобы подобрать наиболее подходящий для нее рецепт и применять его регулярно.

Recipes for face masks from yogurt

To make a cleansing mask for oily skin, you need to mix a tablespoon of rice or oatmeal with 2 tbsp. kefir to a homogeneous consistency. The received composition first needs to be done face massage, after what to leave the mask on the skin for a quarter of an hour.

Mask for the elasticity of oily skin will be obtained by mixing in equal proportions juice of cherry and yogurt. The mixture is sufficiently liquid, therefore apply it is more convenient lying. Wash off the mask after it dries.

Mask of kefir for dry skin, which will help remove the feeling of tightness, is prepared from a mixture of 1 st.l. kefir with the same amount of honey and a teaspoon of vegetable Oil. Flush this one composition followed by warm water after half an hour after application.

Питательная маска для нормальной и сухой кожи получается из смеси столовой ложки кефира, 1 желтка и 1 ч.л. оливкового масла. Смесь необходимо выдержать на коже не менее 20 minute, then rinse with warm water.

For complex facial care, you can use not only masks from kefir. If you replace them with the usual means for washing, then the improvement of skin condition can be noticed after a week.

How to apply kefir mask for face

The secret to the success of these cosmetic procedures is the preliminary mandatory cleaning of the skin before applying any composition, as well as the regularity of the procedures performed. Therefore, if you want to get a visible result, you should use the mask courses, making them at least twice a week. After 10 procedures, you should take a break, otherwise the skin can get used to the components of masks and stop responding to them.

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