Masks for dry hair at home

Masks for dry hair at home
When dry hair lacks a sufficient level of moisture, they lose their texture and luster. Here are the best masks for dry hair, cooked at home, which will help restore moisture to hair and make them supple and silky.

Heat a little olive oil and apply to hair and scalp. Gently massage for 15 minutes. Put on the shower cap and leave it overnight. The next morning, wash your hair. Do it several times a week.

К пюре из авокадо добавьте 1 чайную ложку масла зародышей пшеницы и 1 чайную ложку масла жожоба. Тщательно вотрите этот состав на волосы и оберните полотенцем. Затем как обычно смойте. Повторяйте несколько раз в день, и вы заметите результат в кратчайшие сроки.

Смешайте яблочный уксус, какао-порошок и йогурт, не содержащий сахар. Эту смесь следует втереть в кожу головы и обернуть полотенцем. Держите так в течение нескольких минут и потом смойте теплой водой.

Make a mixture by mixing almond oil and eggs. Apply to hair. Put on a plastic cap and wrap your head with a towel. Keep on the hair for half an hour.

Dilute a little gelatin in a glass of water. Apply this solution to wet hair. Wait a bit, and then wash your hair with warm water.

Take half a cup of aloe vera gel, 2 teaspoons of lavender oil, a little ground fenugreek and basil powder. Mix these ingredients and rub into damp hair. Put on the hat, wrap it with a towel and leave it overnight. The next morning, wash your hair.

Mix sesame oil and ground ginger until pasta is formed. The resulting paste gently rub into the scalp. Wrap the towel and leave for an hour. Then wash your hair with a normal shampoo.

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