Masks and baths for hands

Masks and baths for hands
How much time and effort women spend on facial and hair care, buying up different lotions, scrubs and balms, but the skin of the hands is often forgotten. After all, it suffers from the aggressive influence of household chemicals, dry air and hard water. At home, you can use a variety of masks and handbaths made from natural ingredients.

Masks for hands

Разгладить и смягчить загрубевшую кожу рук поможет картофельная маска. Сварите крупный клубень «в мундире», разомните его до пюреобразного состояния и смешайте с 2 ч.л. свежего лимонного сока и яичным желтком. Массу толстым слоем нанесите на кожу рук, оберните их пищевой пленкой или наденьте целлофановые перчатки. Снимите маску через 15 минут. На ночь можете нанести on hands mixture of 1 st.l. liquid flower honey and egg yolk.

If the skin of the hands began to peel off, make the following mask: mix in 1 tsp. honey and glycerin with 2 st.l. boiled water and 1 tsp. oatmeal. Components should be well stirred to a homogeneous consistency. Apply the mask evenly and hold 20-25 minutes. This recipe is ideal for caring for fading and chapped skin.

In the summer, you can make masks from various fruits. So, for example, a melon intensively moisturizes the skin and gives it incredible softness. Chop the melon pulp to a mushy condition, mix with lemon juice and starch. You should get a pretty thick mass. Put it on your hands and hold 15 minutes.

Hand baths

Baths are not only a pleasant and relaxing procedure, but also very useful for the skin of the hands. The simplest recipe is the use of potato broth. Put your hands in it and hold for 15 minutes. Then dry with a paper towel.

For weather-beaten and rough skin is useful bath, prepared from 1 st.l. glycerol, 1-1.5 tsp. ammonia and 2 glasses of warm boiled water. Hands immerse in the resulting solution and hold until it cools down – about 10-15 minutes. In addition, you can make a bath of infusion of medicinal herbs.

Fill with 1 liters of boiling water 1-1.5 st.l. collection, consisting of equal parts of lime, chamomile and sage. Cover and leave for 1 an hour. After this time, lower the hands into the received infusion and hold for 15-25 minutes.

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