Mask of soda – the best remedy for problem skin

Mask of soda - the best remedy for problem skin
It is a pity that nature has not endowed everyone with a matte skin, on which there are no pimples or black dots. If you have problematic facial skin, then do not immediately carry out chemical or mechanical cleaning. Align the tone and relief can be using a conventional mask of soda.

Pour into a wide bowl of hot water and hold your face for 15 minutes over the outgoing steam. It is necessary that the skin is prepared for deep cleaning. Of course, you can not do "inhalation", but the effect of the mask of soda will be somewhat weaker.

On moistened face skin, apply a little soda and massage movements to clean it. After that, wash with cool water and add lemon juice. If you are allergic to citrus fruits, then use a decoction of calendula (1 tablespoon on 1 l of boiling water). After using the mask of soda you will have a pleasant surprise – the skin will become clean and fresh.

Wipe the skin with tonic or lotion and apply a light moisturizer. Use nutrients to care for problem skin is not recommended, as they clog pores and provoke the appearance of black spots and blackheads. The procedure is carried out several times a week, but not more often, otherwise the face will start to turn red and flake off. Even ordinary soda can cause harm.

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