Mask for hands using potatoes and lemon

Mask for hands using potatoes and lemon
Do not forget that most often it is the hands of a woman who give out her true age. So, care for them is necessary not less than for the face. The problem of dry and cracked hands can be solved with the help of masks, because they can easily be made into houses, which will save you from spending money on beauty salons.

Маска с лимоном и картофелем не только смягчает кожу, но и отбеливает ее.
Potatoes can make the skin of your hands elastic, as well as smooth the existing wrinkles. As for the lemon, there are many mineral salts.

In order to prepare a mask, take 2 potatoes and 3 tsp. lemon juice. The potato needs a boiled, so, in advance, weld it, and then peel and make of mashed potatoes. Then add the lemon and mix the mixture thoroughly.

On the skin of hands, apply a warm mixture to a thick layer. Then it is necessary to wrap hands with cellophane or put on polyethylene gloves. After 20-30 minutes, gently remove the mask and wash your hands in cool water. You will notice immediately how the skin of the hands has softened and become smoother.

If you often use this mass, the skin will improve several times and the feeling of tightened skin will disappear.

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