Mask for hair with liquid silicone. Reviews

Mask for hair with liquid silicone. Reviews
Liquid silicone is often found in hair masks. With it, the agent has a strong conditioning effect. Masks with liquid silicone are especially popular among owners of long hair. Masks with liquid silicone are used for natural, colored and accreted hair. These masks include high-polymer silicones, which have a complex chemical structure. This type of silicone is considered to be the strongest and most effective. It is used by professional firms in medical hair cosmetics.

Silicone is the ideal tool for gloss and volume. The advantage of silicone is that it gives an instant effect. Molecules of the substance envelop each hair and create a film on its surface. From this hair becomes smooth and shiny. In addition, the film performs a protective function. Hair less affected by the effects of temperature changes, UV rays and other unfavorable factors. Thanks силикону, the locks are easier to comb and fit into the hairstyle. Liquid silicone is found not only in hair masks, but can be in shampoos and styling products.

If you need to wash off the remnants of silicone from your hair, use a shampoo with herbal extracts. Highly polymeric silicones are very difficult to remove from the hair.

Те, кто используют маски с силиконом, отмечают уменьшение пористости локонов. Волосы разглаживаются и становятся более послушными. Некоторые утверждают, что локоны становятся более увлажненными и живыми. Однако при этом их сложнее заплести в косу или накрутить на бигуди. Пользователи отмечают значительное утолщение волоса: от этого прическа выглядит более объемной. Эффект ламинирования от маски с силиконом особенно заметен на прямых волосах. Несколько сложнее добиться такого эффекта на прядях, которые вьются от природы.

Еще одно преимущество маски с силиконом: она спаивает и сглаживает чешуйки волос. Поэтому такое средство может быть полезным для секущихся кончиков. Но от самой проблемы, оно, конечно, не избавляет. Результат – это лишь временный косметический эффект шелковистых и гладких волос. Помните о том, что ни одно средство с силиконом не укрепляет волосы, а делает их хрупкими.

Some silicones act in conjunction with other components of the mask. So the substances strengthen each other's action.

Experts do not recommend using silicone products in daily care. After all, the mask makes the hair heavier: they become brittle and lifeless. Silicone film prevents the penetration of nutrients into the hair. If the contact of the scalp and the agent with silicone is quite frequent, it causes irritation, itching, dandruff, and sometimes even loss of hair. It is these effects of masks that scare off users. Apply the mask when you need to quickly create an effect of chic hair. Such a compromise will avoid undesirable consequences. The best option is to use a mask with silicone once a week. In the rest of the time it is desirable to use natural hair cosmetics. Remove the accumulated silicone is necessary not only from the hair, but also from the scalp. For that it is recommended to do peelings.

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