Mascara for activated carbon: a myth or reality

Mascara for activated carbon: a myth or reality
Girls who are allergic to shop cosmetics are constantly looking for an alternative. For easy day make-up, you can use mascara made of activated carbon, which will cost a penny. It will seem incredible to many, but it turns out that even decorative cosmetics can be made by hand. Brew, after all, home soap or lip gloss.

Pros of the house carcass

Before you try your home recipe for mascara on yourself, you should figure out what's what. First, ink from activated carbon is not a myth. After all, once the first "bracelet" was made on the basis of soot.

Secondly, such a product is more secure, since it is always possible to understand what is included in it. In addition, you can personally control its freshness and storage conditions, which is unrealistic to find out when buying store cosmetics.

Thirdly, this mascara can be used as a light tint. It will give a beautiful shade, but will not make eyelashes heavier. And makeup will not flow in the heat.

Finally, mascara made of activated carbon is available to everyone without exception. So, this is an excellent option for girls-adaptors who do not yet have their money to buy cosmetics.


Despite the fact that the home recipe for mascara includes only natural ingredients – oils, aloe juice, wax, oil solution of vitamins – it can cause a negative reaction.

Therefore, before applying the product to the eyelashes, it is necessary to test it on the skin of the elbow fold. If there is no allergy in a day, then you can use mascara.

So do not make a large amount of substance. It is enough to mix the ingredients for 2-3 applications.

First option

For the first recipe, you need to take 4 activated charcoal pills and aloe vera juice. You can buy a ready-made solution. It usually has 98% juice. Or to prepare fresh juice from leaves of an aloe which before it is necessary 2 weeks to take in a refrigeration cabinet. Also for the manufacture of carcass will need a kapron stocking.

So, you need to crush the tablets into powder. No matter how small the pills are, the lumps will remain in them, which will then settle on the eyelashes. So now the powder must be turned into powder, sifting it through a kapron stocking.

Then add aloe juice to the coal dust (1: 1). Stir thoroughly and use as mascara or eyeliner. For a greasy consistency, you can add to the recipe melted beeswax or coconut oil, which solidifies at a temperature below + 17 ° C. Then the mascara will not be liquid, but solid, like "Leningradskaya".

The second option

Take 4 activated charcoal tablets, jojoba oil (or any fatty vegetable oil) and tocopherol oil solution (or vitamin E in capsules).

Grind the tablets as described above and mix with the oils until a uniform consistency is obtained. Mascara has an elastic structure, does not crumble and does not dry on eyelashes.

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