Manicure to a coral dress

Manicure to a coral dress
A coral dress is a bright and bold outfit. When choosing accessories and makeup under a dress of this color, you should not bypass the manicure – an important part of the female image.

First you need to think over a harmonious image that is suitable for a particular situation. For example, a hike with a loved one in the cinema, a walk with friends – here the flight of your imagination is boundless, because coral is a color that harmoniously coexists with almost all colors. But we will consider the most effective combinations.

Coral with yellow

A bright and unusual combination, which in recent seasons is very important. For evening outings, you can cover the marigold with gold lacquer or create a combination of coral and golden fragments. It can even be a variation of the French manicure.

Coral with gray

A good combination, neutral gray emphasizes the brightness of coral. Add a shine to your image – cover the gray lacquer with sequins or simply use a silver lacquer.

Coral with turquoise

A contrasting combination of two colors attracts attention. Coral dress, turquoise nails and accessories in a ton of marigolds – everything, the image is complete!

Coral with beige

Elegant and calm classics. Under the coral dress beige manicure fits perfectly – it always looks good. This is a good option for business lunches, corporate parties, official meetings. Hands will look feminine, well-groomed.

Coral with purple

Effective combination – it will give an image of playfulness. A deep purple manicure is suitable for an evening coral dress.

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