Manicure in gold color

Manicure in gold color
Gold at all times endowed with magical power. Its noble splendor attracts attention, creating an atmosphere of luxury. For this reason, many women of fashion love a golden manicure, which gives a sense of attractiveness and beauty.

To create a gold manicure master of nail art apply different technologies. The simplest manicure is to apply a gold lacquer on the entire nail plate. You can use any favorite shade of gold.

Shining marigolds can be created with the help of special films, foil for manicure. On the additional decor, you can not even think about – marigolds and so will shine. Although you can use rhinestones, sequins – these elements will make the manicure even more solemn.

The palette of shades of gold is incredibly rich. For example, a varnish can have a hue from a reddish-copper to a beautiful yellow-silvery. These are self-sufficient shades. Usually they are used to create a nail design with a monophonic coating.

If you think that to use as a main coating varnishes of gold color – too flashy and shocking, you can make a French manicure with gold. In this case, the main coating can be beige, white, caramel. The combination of gold edges of plates with a black covering of the main part of marigolds looks spectacular. Gold and black are harmony.

For the same purpose, you can use gold sequins – they will refresh the image, turning it into a festive one. Such sequins can be applied to marigolds of any length and shape.

Glossy gold manicure, which is made with special stickers that mimic gold flicker, will give your nails maximum radiance. Only for such a manicure nails should be smooth, without rough edges. In addition, it requires dexterity and accuracy – it is not easy to work with such stickers.

Gold manicure is always popular, so experiment with colors, decor elements, patterns. Rejoice yourself and others with your stylish nails.

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