Making perfume at home is easy!

Making perfume at home is easy!
Today we know that perfume was used even in Bible times – in the Bible there are several references to the use of aromatic oils and incense. History tells us that perfumery was also used in ancient Egypt. Cleopatra created perfume by her own hands. Why should we not use our ancestors' accumulated knowledge on making spirits, instead of buying expensive noodles and faceless fragrances for "expensive"? To everything else, the creation of spirits is also a creative process, soothing and cheerful.

You will need
  • Base oil: almond or jojoba oil – 1 / 4 glass;
  • Essential oil (any one is suitable, if you like it and you have positive emotions) – 6 drops;
  • A small bottle in which your spirits will be stored (from dark glass and necessarily with a lid);
  • Distilled water – 2 tablespoons.
Mix the base oil with the selected essential oil. A small note: essential oils can be mixed with each other to achieve the desired flavor, but to learn to create perfume is still better with the use of one essential oil.

Pour the mixture of oils into a prepared bottle and close it tightly with a lid. Once a day for a week you will need to shake this mixture. Keep the mixture at this time preferably in a dark cool place. In this way, we enhance the fragrance, and on the skin it will last longer.

По истечении недели в масляную смесь необходимо добавить дистилированную воду и хорошенько взболтать смесь. Ваши духи готовы!

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