Makeup Tricks

Makeup Tricks
Sometimes cosmetics can be used for other purposes, you can look beautiful without spending a lot of money. Impossible, you will say, and deeply mistaken.

With the help of pink blush, you can refresh your face and make your eyes more expressive. Apply the blush in a semicircle, starting the line under the eyebrows and going down to the cheekbones.

Transparent lip gloss can replace the highlighter. A bright shine visually raises his eyebrows and makes his eyes brighter. Apply it under the eyebrow and shade.

Пока тушь не высохла, нанесите на реснички пудру бронзовую. Легкое мерцание придаст глазам яркости и уверенности. Пудру нужно наносить один раз, на второй слой она осыпется и все испортит.

If you daily use lipstick of calm color, you can slightly enhance the color, experiment. To do this, mix a few shades of your lipsticks on paper, if you like the color, apply it on the lips.

The cherry red glow on the cheekbones will give the person the effect of a natural blush.

To get rid of circles under the eyes, you do not need to use a corrector. Apply a brown shadow along the contour of the lower eyelashes, and the circles will disappear.

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