Makeup subtleties to look younger

Makeup subtleties to look younger
Very often, women who ineptly use makeup themselves add their own age. After forty years, you do not need to completely change your makeup, just change the color of used cosmetics or shift the emphasis. Using cosmetics after 40 years, take into account the following tips.

If you are used to bring the eyelid along the inner edge of the black eyeliner, you should change the black eyeliner to a lighter one, for example, brown or beige. Black eyeliner will only add age and emphasize the redness of the eyes. From the light supply, the whites of the eyes will appear lighter, and the iris – brighter.

Карандаш для бровей тоже следует поменять на более светлый, желательно тон в тон с вашим натуральным цветом. Так как слишком темные брови делают лицо хмурым и добавляют годы.

Choose a contour lip pencil lighter or completely coincides with your natural lip color, since a dark pencil, visible from under the lipstick, significantly adds age. If wrinkles appear around the lips and lipstick often spreads, then use a contour pencil for eyebrows flesh-colored. Pencils for eyebrows contain wax, and if you draw a pencil with this pencil, the wax will "seal" wrinkles, and the lipstick will remain on the lips.

Blush too should be more gentle light tones, from a terracotta and brick color of blush it is necessary to refuse, so they considerably add age and make the face earthy.

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