Makeup Secrets for a Photosession: Makeup Tips

Makeup Secrets for a Photosession: Makeup Tips
Today, studio photosession is available for almost every girl. However, a rare beauty decides to use the services of a make-up artist. But after all correctly applied make-up will help to make first-class shots of glossy quality. To make the photos look great, listen to the advice of professionals.

You will need
  • – makeup base;
  • – Highlighter;
  • – pinkish-brown, beige shadows;
  • – a white pencil;
  • – a tool for curling eyelashes;
  • – cream blush.
Make-up begins with the "creation" of a flat surface. To do this, professionals use the base for make-up. This tool not only level the surface, but also avoid picking up cosmetics in wrinkles and folds. Just carefully process these places, "driving" the foundation for make-up.

Susan Giordano (makeup artist Avon) recommends using a high roller. This cosmetic product will make the skin radiant, and its ability to reflect light will hide wrinkles. Mix a highlighter with a foundation or use it in its pure form in particularly difficult areas.

Make the look clearer using pinkish-brown shadows. They must be applied over the entire length of the folds of the upper eyelid. Add the eyes of radiance and expressiveness to the help of a beige color that should be used under the eyebrow. This is how the fashion make-up artist Collier Strong (L`Oreal) comes in.

The lower eyelid from the inside is a little tinted with a white pencil – this will revitalize the eye and visually make the eyes bigger. Curl your eyelashes and carefully paint them with mascara in a few tricks. This is how Polly Osmond, the make-up artist of Olay, acts.

When creating make-up for a photo shoot, use cream blush – with their help it is easier to simulate the natural color of the cheeks. Star visagiste Christopher Buckle recommends choosing a shade, focusing on the color of the inner part of the lower lip. According to the professional, this way the color found will perfectly emphasize your beauty.

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