Makeup for teenagers

Makeup for teenagers
At 13-14, girls begin to take an active interest in their appearance. They consider themselves old enough to already use cosmetics. Teachers and parents rarely support them on this issue, on this ground between the two generations sometimes there are real conflicts. No need to fight. Makeup for teenagers has a right to exist.

Prohibitions on cosmetics up to a certain age lead to the fact that girls or obey them and go unpainted, or, more often, protest, inflicting combat coloring, выглядящий неуместно, а иногда даже и смешно. Не стоит кидаться из крайности в крайность, в любом деле всегда можно найти золотую середину, коей и является макияж for teenagers.

To accustom yourself to facial care is necessary from the earliest days. Adolescent girls with a normal skin type can be advised to apply in the morning a day cream that will give them a light glow and a blossoming appearance. Those who are prone to the formation of acne, it is better to use a cream with a toning effect, which will hide redness, even out the overall tone of the face. And here that categorically does not approach for young teenage skin – heavy voice-frequency creams hammering in pores, worsening and without that a sad situation.

Hygienic lipstick can not only, but also should be in the arsenal of each teenage girls. In winter, it will protect your lips from weathering, and in the summer from the withering action of the sun's rays. By the way, some brands of hygiene lipsticks are not issued colorless, but with light shades of pink, brown colors, with the addition of a small amount of mother-of-pearl. Well, those who want to use this cosmetics, you can advise lip gloss. He looks good on the faces of the young girls, gives them a more attractive look. Dark lipsticks should be avoided, putting them on the lips in rare cases like a masquerade party or a themed disco.

Если очень хочется нанести румяна, следует брать такие, цвет которых всего лишь на единичку-две отличается от общего тона лица.

Что же касается глаз, их лучше не красить вообще. Ну если только немного туши для ресниц, а вот подводка на юном лице не смотрится вообще. Она придает girls too dramatic and adult look. Teenage makeup should emphasize freshness, focus on the youth of its owner, it will always grow up, but to return to the age of a teenager, alas, will never work out.

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