Makeup for brown-haired woman with long hair

Makeup for brown-haired woman with long hair
Brown is not just a brown hair color, but a lot of different shades. It is necessary to know how to correctly emphasize the depth of color and the uniqueness of the hair tone. To emphasize the beauty of the brown-haired woman, you need to learn how to choose the right color palette, and then the make-up will be beautiful.

Lips and choice of lipstick

Correctly selected shade of lipstick will emphasize the beauty of the hair of each brown-haired woman. Bright red lips look great with light brown tones with peach tinge. For a darker brown-haired woman, a bright pink lipstick is suitable.
Red pomegranate shade is well combined with both cold and warm skin tone, especially it goes to brown-haired women with dark brown hair. If it seems that red lipstick is too much, try just a pomegranate. This color is considered the most "tolerant" of all the reds.
If you want something more bold, but not too bright, try ruby ??red or deep red shades. The color of the cranberry, cherry red or flame red – all these colors are very suitable for the brown-haired women who determined the tone of their skin.

Choosing a foundation for make-up for brown-haired. Brownies are almost any tone of the base. If you have fair skin – choose the basis of the color "porcelain". For more dark girls fit warm beige tones.

Eye makeup for brownie

In this sense, the brown-haired women are very fortunate, since brown is a restrained color, and to the hair of this color there are shadows of almost any colors.
The ideal option is green. In nature, there is often a combination of green and brown, and they perfectly harmonize with each other. In addition, the shadows are also suitable for shades of blue, purple and pinkish tones.
The beauty of brown-haired women with chocolate-colored hair is emphasized by shades of blue or purple.
If you want to emphasize the brilliance of your hair, use shades with a pearl effect.

Brown-eyed brown-haired women pick up shadows very easily. Here, when choosing the color, the main emphasis is on the natural skin tone. With the hair color, draw on the same rule as with the color of the eyes. With lighter combinations it is desirable to use soft and calm tones, a darker palette excellently distinguishes the eyes, but with dark colors one must be cautious: sometimes too bright accent looks vulgar.

If you decide to choose a set of shadows of three different colors, choose the one where the darkest color matches the color of your eyes. If you have dark eyes, take a dark blue with or dark green hues. Brown-haired women with brownish brown eyes will approach the color of cocoa.

Of course, the mascara will not do without it. Good for both classic black and brown mascara, just the latter will look more softly.


For a brown-haired woman, a blush with a natural tone is suitable. For brown-haired women with light skin, light rosy blush is perfect, for swarthy girls – with golden tint.
Neutral brown color is suitable for both weekdays and holidays.

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