Makeup base. What it is and how to apply it

Makeup base. What it is and how to apply it
A make-up foundation is necessary to smooth out the structure and tone of the skin, mask small defects, and create an ideal surface for applying a layer of cosmetics. To get a perfect make-up, you need to know what kind of basis is and how to apply it.

The structure of the makeup base depends on the functions that it has to perform. To select a suitable remedy, you need to evaluate all the flaws in the facial skin.

Silicone base is able to give the skin a smooth smoothness and velvety. Such a base is suitable for masking minor redness and flaking, but it is contraindicated to the owners of oily skin. Cover the silicone base is better only powder.

Matting base contains a substance similar to talc. This base absorbs excess surpluses of sebaceous glands, and the skin throughout the day looks smooth and fresh.

Самая легкая основа – флюид. Он хорошо увлажняет и выравнивает кожу, устраняет жирный блеск, но включает в себя очень мало пудры и маскирующих пигментов. Поэтому флюид подходит только для молодой или имеющей очень мало дефектов кожи.

The creamy base contains a large number of masking pigments and powders, so it effectively masks defects such as freckles, small pigment spots and capillaries.

Основа под макияж в виде геля предназначена для жирной и пористой кожи. Благодаря своей структуре это средство не забивает поры и позволяет коже дышать.

A solid base is necessary for the skin with such defects as scars and enlarged pores. This base forms a fairly dense coating, hiding all the irregularities.

The base for make-up can have different colors. White gives the skin a glow and eliminates small defects. Pink lightens and refreshes the face, but is suitable only for light skin. Peach is refreshing the swarthy skin. Green mask redness and vascular network. Yellow hides the bluish tint of the skin. Violet gives freshness to yellowish skin. To make a person shine, you can use a light-reflecting foundation for make-up.

Накладывать основу нужно очень аккуратно, не допуская впитывания и втирания. Прежде чем наносить базу, воспользуйтесь увлажняющим кремом, а если кожа сухая – сначала питательным, а затем увлажняющим.

To get a thin and even layer of the base, use a sponge. Apply the base first on the forehead and eyelids, and then – on the cheeks, under the eyes, on the nose, chin, lips and neck. Make sure that the layer is flat, and if necessary, carefully remove the excess. After that, you can start makeup.

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