Make-up under the green dress

Make-up under the green dress
In the green dress the girl will always stand out from the crowd, look fashionable and elegant. Now there are many shades of green, so that you can choose the right option. Just pay attention and makeup under the green dress. Below are recommendations for choosing cosmetics that will suit under the dress Green colour.

Makeup base

Take care of the skin condition before applying make-up on your face. Use the base for make-up, it will help to correct the complexion, hide light deficiencies, even out the relief of the skin. Yes, and other cosmetics will be thanks to the basis of holding better, keeping the freshness of makeup.


This is a very important stage when applying make-up. Here the most common mistake of many is the use of shades of green shades, which also coincide with the color of the dress. And after all the face will lose expressiveness, the skin will get a painful shade. For evening make-up to зеленому платью A good option will be plum, black, purple, yellow shadows. For daytime make-up, choose light brown and golden tones.

Lining and mascara

Подчеркните контур глаз при помощи карандаша коричневого или черного цвета. Цвет туши с цветом подводки должен совпадать.


For light-skinned girls, blush pick up gentle tones of red color. When creating a make-up for green clothes for dark-skinned people, a peach or plum shade of blush will do.


Recommended shades of lipstick are the following: for light skin – coral and pink, for swarty skin – red and plum. At the same time, choose lipstick matte, then there is inappropriate pearl or spangles on the lips.

Если вы оденете a green dress и будете соблюдать эти легкие правила при создании макияжа, то вы точно будете ощущать на себе со стороны восхищенные взгляды!

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