Lunar calendar haircuts for August 2014 year

Lunar calendar haircuts for August 2014 year
The unexplained connection of the lunar cycle with different periods in human life has been known since ancient times. Having learned to use the tips of the lunar calendar in everyday life, you can strengthen your health and make your hair stronger and healthier.

When calculating the lunar calendar of haircuts, it is taken into account in which sign of the zodiac the moon is, whether it grows or decreases, what moon day, etc. In August 2014, favorable days for procedures with hair fell on 1, 2, 4, 6, 23, 27, 28, 30 number. These days you can safely go to the hairdresser, change your hair and hair color. Hair trimmed on favorable days, will grow rapidly, will become stronger.

In August 2014, the lunar calendar of haircuts contains many especially favorable days. This is 7, 9, 16 and 18 of August. In such days haircut positively affects not only the beauty and condition of the hair, but also different life spheres: love relationships, health, career growth, financial well-being, training. If you want experiments with appearance, then these days are great for this. A visit to the salon can be planned at any time of the day.

The unfavorable days in August 2014 fell on 3 (the first quarter of the moon) and 15 (the decreasing moon) number. On adverse days it is not recommended to carry out different procedures with hair. Slow hair growth, fragility and hair loss, deteriorating health, failure at work and in private life – this is only part of the possible negative consequences.

The remaining days of August can be called neutral. These days you can get a haircut in the event that the moon is growing. However, if possible, it is better to refrain from visiting the hairdresser. It is not recommended to cut hair on Friday.

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