Luck at the tip of the nail, or How the choice of manicure design changes life

Luck at the tip of the nail, or How the choice of manicure design changes life
This is only at first glance the design of nails – a way to decorate ladies' fingers. Manicure has strong magical properties. After all, the most important energy points are located exactly at the fingertips.

In the medicine of the East, there is a special section that enhances the patient's health by influencing these points. Therefore, choosing a nail design, we can unconsciously make the quality of our lives better, or worsen it.

It's hard to believe, but even the inability to establish a personal relationship with the opposite sex can be closely related to your own manicure. Naturally, for a capricious and dissatisfied lady, it will become a repulsive factor, but for girls that are pleasant in all respects, it will probably be the last straw.

In all the forms are guilty, Or how the bends of the nail plate are able to attract luck


Design with a rounded nail fits the true connoisseurs of the family hearth. This form can bring love and happiness to life. And, regardless, whether you are connected at this time or are in search.

Careerists should stop choosing a manicure on rectangular forms. The severity of the angle on the nail is directly proportional to the ambition of advancement along the winding career ladder.

For ladies, whose life at a particular moment is subordinated to the fulfillment of a clear goal, it is worth choosing triangular forms in manicure. From the point of view of psychology, such a design will subconsciously embody arrows that fall precisely into the goal and fulfill the most secret desires.

Every hunter wants to know, or what colors like success

Not only the shape of the nail can influence our life. Depending on the desires that are full of life at the moment, it is worth choosing and the color solution of manicure. In order to attract material prosperity and stability, as well as education, a preference should be given to muffled cherry blossoms or to uniotic shades. Such a color solution is identical to working elegance and rigor. Only use in the design of marigolds several colors at once is not recommended.

All the shades that are associated with passion, you can safely use if you are looking for love and intimate relationships. The energy of these already self-sufficient colors will be strengthened and the rhinestones and thematic drawings will shine.

For seekers creative inspiration and the opportunity to realize all non-standard shades. Any combination of color that goes beyond the notion of "normality" will please Mrs. Luck.

And what if several important issues are not solved in life, and along with finding a job, there is a desire to find love? The main rule is not to use a different color! A magic manicure should combine color and form. So, for the search for personal happiness and a profitable place it is worth giving preference to the square design of defiantly scarlet color. A round nail, covered in a beige tint, will also help a favorable outcome in personal and work matters.

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