Love and hate – Body positive

Love and hate - Body positive
The universally recognized standards of beauty set today huge demands, both for men and women. Not so long ago, the advertising campaigns of many brands were quite aggressive. Many cosmetic companies do not consider it shameful that a wrinkle cream advertises a model that 18 barely turned. Old age is a shame.

From everywhere there is an imposition of brands, trends. Hollywood actors and their body cult. Fashion industry and 90x60x90. All this in turn prompted many people to go to plastic surgery, which caused a huge number of their victims. There were many diseases caused by the desire to become perfection. The number of deaths is as if it were a war.

Against the background of all this, many social and social reactions followed. One of them was the movement of Body Positive, (body-building in our way). The first time you encounter a body kit, you can experience a shock. Along with the calls to accept your body as it is, do not pay attention to the negative opinion of others, love yourself, there is aggressive aesthetic extremism in this movement. This, in turn, causes a huge wave of haters. And now they have already grappled: "I love the body kit!", "I hate the body kit!"

But if you look at all this sensibly, then both are right. Do not enter into this polemic. This is just a reaction of society to the imposed ideals of beauty. People are just tired of falseness and substitution of concepts. Glossy magazines, TV screens simply are full of ideal bodies. But even the models themselves are not perfect. It's unquestionably beautiful people, but not ideals. Everything is achieved by means of image processing.

The society gave a loud signal about the refusal of this. And this signal was heard. Companies that are smarter, deployed their advertising torpedoes from the ideal to the person. The American Film Academy has distributed "Oscar" to actors and actresses who were not afraid to look like everyone. Models of forms + on the podium now no one surprises. With such a tendency, mankind will finally return to accepting naturalness and such extreme protests as those of zealous bodybuilders will simply disappear by themselves.

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