Lose weight without problems

Lose weight without problems
How many different diets I tried to lose weight, you just can not imagine! She sat on juices, and refused from carbohydrates for almost a month, and fat. With unloading days experimenting. But always the most important problems were, first, weakness during a diet, and secondly, that after the end of the diet, I again quickly gained weight. Do not eat anything, you suffer 3-4 weeks, and then a couple of weeks pass, and the arrow of the scales again creeps up. It was so offensive that his hands fell, and he did not want to lose weight any more, nor to follow him for himself.

When girl-friend brought me another diet, I at first refused. But then I learned that in a month we had a meeting of classmates, I wanted to look better, and I decided to again sit on a diet. Moreover, there were some serious pluses in it.
The main part of the diet is oranges, which in winter are indispensable as vitamins. And I also read that oranges break fats. In general, I liked this diet. There is also the second main component in it – eggs. In eggs there are a lot of proteins, and in yolks there are so many different vitamins and microelements that you can not immediately list. Therefore, during this diet should not be as much loss of strength as with other diets.

Первую неделю я 3 раза в день вместо завтрака и ужина съедала по 2 апельсина и по 2-3 яйца, сваренных вкрутую (их я обязательно варила 12 минут, чтобы они гарантированно доварились). На обед съедала тарелку овощей. Во вторую, третью и следующие недели я также съедала апельсины и 1-2 яйца, но, помимо этого, добавляла неограниченное количество овощей и сырых фруктов. В ход шли яблоки, груши, морковь, свекла, капуста, репа, зелень. Пила чистую воду и травяной чай на смородиновых листьях.

In two weeks I Lost weight to 4 kilograms, and four weeks after the start – already for all 10 kilograms. So use it!

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