Lose weight once and for all – is it possible?

Lose weight once and for all - is it possible?
You were on a strict diet for two weeks, dropped the damned five pounds and look beautiful in a tight dress. But literally for a month the former weight did not just return, but also "brought" a few extra kilograms with him. So can you lose weight once and for all?

Answer: Yes, it is quite real. So, a few common truths, about which all are well aware, but for some reason prefer to "forget" about them.

On one diet, you will not go far

Alas and ah, but proper nutrition should be adhered to constantlyso that the weight does not come up again. This means that you can not reward yourself with chips (cakes, rolls, chocolates – you need to emphasize) after a successful weight loss – you know perfectly well that in this case the weight will return. Hold your mouth on the lock, the shelves with sweets in the store go around a hundred meters, and on the refrigerator hang a photograph of the hippopotamus. Keep yourself in the hands will be difficult, but with proper motivation everything is possible!

Council: in order not to perish without your favorite chips and chocolate, take one day a week, when you can eat whatever you want, but in reasonable quantities. Buy a chocolate, eat a few slices, and the rest give out to colleagues at work. Necessarily need a day to pamper yourself, otherwise with complete rejection of your favorite food the body can stand on its hind legs, and all your thoughts will flow in one direction: food! And all will end, most likely, gluttony and self-hatred due to lack of willpower.

Sport is our everything!

Choose the sport that you like most. Callanetics, yoga, pilates – for quiet people who do not like shock loads. Fitness, running, gym, dancing – for the more active. Sports without diet and a diet without sports is a hopeless business. If you are killed in the gym, and when you come home you eat a plate of fried potatoes, I can congratulate you: all in vain! While playing sports, you need to adhere to proper nutrition. If you are dieting, losing weight and not doing sports at the same time, then after losing weight, the skin can hang ugly, remember: a thin cow is not yet a gazelle. And go to training.

Council: the main thing is to start! Sports – it's fun, you just need to survive the first few training sessions, after which you want to fall face down on the plate with food and do not move any more. Later, you will get used to the loads, they will begin to bring satisfaction, you will start as a magnet pulling on the training (provided that you have picked up your sport).

Understand why you really need to lose weight

It is important. The goal of "losing weight by summer" is vague. Think and decide: "Why do I need this?" Maybe I love myself the way I am, and therefore for so many years I can not lose weight, because subconsciously he suits me? "I consider this one of the most effective motivations:lose weight to please itself. Not to someone, not for the girlfriend to be jealous, or for him to pay attention. For a loved one, to feel one hundred percent and go to the mirror with pleasure.

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