Lose weight easily

Lose weight easily
Lose weight easily, while not exhausting yourself with diets, not seeing off every piece that you send into your mouth, not you, not scorching the eyes of the potential killer of those who eat with appetite, and not counting the calories in each dish. Try using time-tested and learned methods that help you live without weight.

Divide and lean
Many believe that eating alone is a great way to lose weight. But this way of eating solves more problems of digestion, than excess weight. If the body breaks down the release of enzymes, separate nutrition is optimal and comfortable for digestion. The food, entering the stomach separately, is quickly digested, does not lie in the intestine, does not cause fermentation, a person feels light and feels that it is losing weight. But, having dropped a few kilograms at the very beginning of the transition to separate food, a person will stop losing weight – if not reduce portions of food.

"After six – no-no!"
Under this slogan there live many people who lose weight. But for some reason do not lose weight. Видимо, потому, что не могут уснуть на голодный желудок, а всем известно, что хронический недосып приводит к увеличению веса. К тому же, почти двенадцатичасовой перерыв в еде вреден для пищеварения и даже приводит к голодным болям в желудке, из-за которых тоже не уснешь. А между тем, специалисты считают, что после шести вечера есть нужно, и те, кто ужинает в девять вечера, легче переносят любые ограничения в еде. Вопрос в том, что следует есть на ужин, чтобы и для здоровья была use, and the figure was not harmed.

Ведите активный образ жизни
There is an opinion that physical activity and a long stay in the open air increase appetite. But, as scientists from the University of Massachusetts found out, idleness increases it even more. As a result of their experiments, it turned out that those who spend whole days lying on the couch, at 15% eat more than those who lead an active lifestyle.
Physically busy people have no time to think about food. In addition, sedentary pastime inhibits the production of hormones that cause a feeling of satiety. So it turns out that when we move little, we eat more, and we can not burn the calories we have received.

Scientists and nutritionists sound alarm about the fact that people eat from 36 to 56 kg of sugar per year. Fast carbohydrates are a more formidable figure enemy than even saturated fats. But the sugar that a person receives from fruits, berries and honey, the body is enough.
Важнейшей проблемой человечества является излишнее потребление соли. Вещество это необходимо человеческому организму для регулирования обмена веществ, поддержания постоянного состава крови и проводимости нервных импульсов. Но для этого вполне достаточно того хлора и натрия, что уже содержатся в пище.
In antiquity, when salt was more expensive than gold, it could have been eaten by one, and mankind did not die out at the same time. And the production of sugar was put on the flow only at the end of the XVIII century. So it turns out that you can refuse from it at all, and limit salt to 3-5 a day. Nothing, except for the benefit to the figure and health, will not come from this.

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