Lip augmentation at home

Lip augmentation at home
Plump, seductive lips like Angelina Jolie, perhaps, are one of the most enviable aspirations of a woman. It is invariably attractive, sexy and feminine. Is it possible to achieve the effect of an increase in the home without resorting to costly procedures and operations? The answer is yes. To do this, it is necessary to regularly perform several simple procedures that will give you a small but noticeable increase in the natural volume of the lips. These treatments include massage, grooming and exercise.


  • Massage

The skin of the lips is very sensitive to touch. Any small depression causes a noticeable blood flow, and with a regular massage of the lips there is a slight temporary increase. In this case, the lips acquire a natural healthy shade. Massage for the lips is best done with a toothbrush dipped in warm water or in oil. Due to the friction of the bristles, blood circulation is activated on the skin, and their volume visually increases due to blood circulation. Massage should be done smoothly in circular motions. As an alternative to a toothbrush, you can use an ice cube. Thanks to the effects of cold on the skin, an intense flow of blood takes place, so that the lips acquire a temporary, but larger volume.

  • Care

The cracked rough lips appear visually less, so it is necessary to provide the lips with competent and timely care, maintaining the optimum level of moisture and regularly removing the dead skin particles that accumulate on their surface. It is enough to take the habit of brushing your lips after each brushing for several minutes, or as a peeling, use a scrub, at the end moisturizing your lips with a nutritious balm, or applying a small amount of honey on them. Thanks to honey, the lips not only will get an attractive well-groomed appearance and smoothness, but also visually increase in volume, thanks to its warming property.

  • Exercises

To the lips, as well as to any muscles that can be pumped up, exercises are also applicable. As a result of regular stress, the muscles of the lips are trained, and consequently their volume is adjusted. Among the most effective exercises for the lips are the stretching of the lips into the tube, as if for a kiss, biting, whistling, in a word, all those uncomplicated movements with the lips, under which the tension of their muscles is felt. With a comprehensive approach, regularly paying time to care, training and massage of the lips it is possible to visually increase their volume and give them a seductive look.

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