"Light" chemistry – for and against

"Light" chemistry - for and against
Far from many nature has awarded with wonderful curls, but in fact they are so attractive. Curly hair can emphasize facial features or soften them, they always give the image a kind of femininity and romance. It would seem that chemical perm is an ideal solution for those who dream of curls, but, like in any other business, one should weigh the pros and cons. Any perm is an auxiliary way of hair styling. It is only a preparatory stage for the wave. Light chemistry can be an ideal option for those who use daily tools such as curlers, curling irons, etc. There are undeniable advantages to a perm: it allows you to get rid of excessive fatty hair and does not let the curls deform during the day. However, any chemistry without using additional means for styling looks simply awful.

Varieties of light chemistry

There are several options for chemistry.

With the help of papillotok – this type of perm allows you to achieve the most natural result. It will provide you with light waves and curls, gently falling on each other.

Curl on the spiral curlers – ideal for long hair. You will become the owner of curls, twisted in a spiral small ringlets. If you are the owner of long hair, but their density wants the best, then this type of wave is for you.

Завивка «на косичку» подходит для волос длиной до плеч. Пряди, заплетенные в мелкие косички, обрабатываются специальным раствором, а кончики накручиваются на коклюшки.

"On the pin" – also a good option for owners of hair to the shoulders. From the previous version, the method is different in that curls are wound on the studs. In its composition, the hairpin should not contain metal impurities, most often plastic.

A perm on two bobbins is a very interesting method. It allows you to get curls of various sizes. For example, part of the strand is wound on a large bobbin, and the other part – on a small.

There are also "nursery» завивка. Ее цель – не допустить влияния состава на кожу головы. Пряди вытаскиваются на поверхность специальной шапочки и лишь после этого завиваются.

The disadvantages of a perm

Despite all its beauty, artificial curls contain a lot of dangers to the health of hair. Even light chemicals can disrupt the structure of the hair, deprive it of moisture, make it more porous. If you dared to change the image, then do not dye your hair after waving, while washing your head, use special nutritional shampoos, balms and masks. This will return the hair shine and life-giving moisture.

Today, there are many indelible means for hair, they can become a wand-zashchalochkoy after a perm. Do not forget to regularly trim the tips, this helps to regenerate the hair more quickly and avoid splitting it. To ensure that your hair keeps its shape longer, use a comb with sparse denticles.

Remember that you will become the owner of wonderful curls only if the hair was originally healthy. For mild chemistry it is necessary to take care regularly, otherwise your wave will get the appearance of a bast. Usually the effect of ringlets is maintained for three to four months, after which a correction is necessary.

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