Lemon juice helps to get rid of pigment spots

Lemon juice helps to get rid of pigment spots
Pigmented spots are a problem that causes a lot of inconvenience. The main cause of skin changes and the appearance of spots on it – a violation of natural pigmentation. There are a lot of factors contributing to the appearance of pigment spots, and there are also many ways to get rid of them. The most common options for returning healthy looking skin and even color are the masks.

You will need
  • 1/2 стакана сырого миндаля, 1 стакан кипятка, сок 1/2 лимона средней величины
The popularity of masks for the skin is due, first of all, to the availability of constituent components and the ease of preparation. Any mask can be prepared in domestic conditions, using the gifts of nature in combination with additional components. One type of mixture for cleaning the skin of the face and getting rid of pigment spots is a recipe based on lemon juice.

Fresh almonds must be pre-poured with steep boiling water. On 1 a glass of hot water you will need 1 / 2 glass of nuts. In boiling water, the almonds should be at least five minutes. After that, the water must be drained, and the almonds can be ground using a blender or a meat grinder.

In the resulting mush from the ground nuts, add the juice of half a lemon. In order for the mixture to become homogeneous, pour into it one tablespoon of slightly warm boiled water. All ingredients must be mixed thoroughly.

The resulting mixture is applied to the problem areas of the skin and left for 15-20 minutes. The mask is removed with water. This procedure should be conducted no more than twice a week. The general course of getting rid of pigment spots is usually 30 masks. The main thing – as soon as the pigmented spots become paler, do not immediately stop using masks with lemon juice. If you try to complete the course, it can help you for a long time not to worry about possible skin changes.

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