LEBEL: Absolutely happy hair

LEBEL: Absolutely happy hair
A few years ago, absolute happiness was associated with anything, but not with the cosmetic procedure in the beauty salon. However, as soon as the Japanese corporation Takara Belmont (the manufacturer of professional cosmetics LEBEL) finished researching a new line called IAU, as a hashtag, the absolute happiness changed its meaning to a completely specific category of SELFI – a fantastic transformation of any hair into shining and silky.

Now Instagram is full of photos with delightful reviews about the program of treatment and hair restoration "Absolute Happiness" by LEBEL. If the monthly stain in the salon has become something completely normal for you, then your hair is necessarily shown this treatment program. It should immediately be noted that "Absolute Happiness" is completely unique, since it has a restoring effect on the hair due to the medicinal ingredient composition. You will not be offered to bake your hair under the temperature of 230 degrees and will not tell you that the application of certain films can positively affect the hair. The success of cosmetologists LEBEL many cosmetics manufacturers are actively trying to replicate, but they still have not succeeded in this.

In Japan, the program "Absolute happiness"Takes the first place among all hair restoration programs. In Russia, "Absolute Happiness" awaits visitors to expensive and exclusive beauty salons. That's where they prefer to work on cosmetics LEBEL.

The program "Absolute happiness for the hair"Consists of three stages, including ten steps, and takes an average of 1,5 hours along with styling.

The first stage of the program involves working with the scalp – qualitative cleansing, nutrition and hydration. Aromashampun IAU Сleansing CLEARMENT – it is insipid and therefore very carefully washed off surface contamination. And in it there is a sun protection complex SPF 10. So after it you can safely go out into the sun.

At the second stage, the internal structure of the hair (cortex) is restored due to 3 elements – a complex of CMC cell membranes, molecular moisture and fine-dispersed proteins: silk, wheat, soy. The second stage is four sera. The first – Proedit CARE WORKS CMC – with a cell-membrane complex, which restores the molecular structure of the hair. The second serum PROEDIT CARE WORKS N (NMF) normalizes the water balance. The third serum PROEDIT CARE WORKS PPT nourishes the hair from the inside, restores the protein structure, fills the hair with proteins, and they become dense and elastic. The second stage is completed by applying the PROEDIT CARE WORKS ELEMENT FIX serum.

At the third and last stage of the program, a reserve of useful moisture in the hair is restored. It is called "moisture under lock and key" due to the extract of white limanates, lipidur, arginine, avocado oil, lactic acid, jojoba extract, macadam oil, pine needle extract, silk protein. In the final stage, five drugs. They are applied sequentially. Serum IAU CELL CARE 2, which prepares hair for the penetration of active ingredients. Further intensive moisturizing cream IAU CELL CARE 3M, which helps the hair to stay longer elastic. Then – the cream IAU CELL CARE 3S – to ensure that the hair is durable and shiny. After that, fixing gel IAU CELL CARE 4 is applied, which completes the third stage and the entire procedure. It fixes the active ingredients that hair absorbed during the care process.