Learning the art of make-up

Learning the art of make-up
A beautiful make-up, in which the eyes seem by nature to be large and expressive, lips – juicy and seductive, the skin – healthy and radiant – is not skilful possession of cosmetics, but real art. Everything is important in it – how colors blend, how lines are drawn, how shadows fall. You can learn this only from professionals and after long hard training. Professional make-up begins with an equalizing complexion. To do this, you need to use the foundation. It can be colorless, or with hints. Orange is suitable for too pale skin or where you need to disguise bruises (under the eyes, for example) or protruding capillaries. The basis of the color of the tan will make the skin darker and eliminate the need to use powder or foundation. The basis is good in that it can be easily selected by the type of skin. It not only changes its shade, but nourishes, moisturizes, dries, like a special gel or cream. The base aligns the bumps, masks acne and black dots. It helps makeup for a long time and does not crumble all day long. Apply it to the entire face, including the skin around the eyes.

When the base is absorbed, you can use a foundation or powder. This is not necessary if the skin is tanned and healthy. In the event that there are small flaws, it is better to disguise them with a concealer. This is better than applying a toning agent on the entire face. The fact is that even the easiest of them clogs the pores. And if the skin is prone to fat and acne, then using a foundation or powder, the situation will only worsen.

Any cosmetics has a shelf life. And it differs from what is written on the package. In order not to germinate the pathogenic bacteria, mascara and lipstick should be changed six months after opening, a foundation and powder in a year.

To start make-up costs from the eyes. For daytime it is enough to bring a little upper eyelid with eyeliner and make up eyelashes with mascara. If the eyes are too round, the eyeliner can also be used in the lower eyelid. If the eyes are small, they can be visually enlarged by tracing the inner edge of the lower eyelid with a white pencil.

В вечернем макияже позволено сочетать до пяти оттенков теней. Особенно выигрышно смотрятся цвета из одной гаммы. Именно так создается дымчатый макияж смоки-айс. Глаза становятся невероятно большими и очень выразительными.

Карандаш для глаз можно использовать и в коррекции формы бровей. На роль румян подойдут темная пудра или тональный крем, а также бронзовая помада или подходящие по цвету жидкие тени для век.

Do not forget about the eyebrows. You can give them the correct form with a droplet of gel. If there are gaps that are not filled with hairs, draw them with a pencil in a suitable color. Do not tear your eyebrow too hard. Thin strips have long been out of fashion, the last trend is a refined natural form.

Blush in daytime make-up is not necessary. And in the evening they can be replaced with shiny powder for a couple of tones darker than the shade, which is applied to the skin of the face. The powder is applied not only to the cheekbones, but also to the middle of the forehead, nose and chin. Then the effect of light tanning is created, which looks very attractive.

Lipstick in the afternoon can not be used at all, if the lips themselves are bright and beautiful form. Instead, you can apply a drop of shine. And in the evening it is better to give preference to a persistent lipstick or lip pencil. These funds will not be erased for a long time and will leave no traces on the dishes and clothes.

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