Laser sclerotherapy of veins: the pros and cons of the procedure

Laser sclerotherapy of veins: the pros and cons of the procedure
Varicose veins are familiar to many women. Legs buzz, hurt, swell. In particularly neglected cases, veins manifest themselves, and the pain is greatly enhanced. With such a state, it is necessary to fight and not to run in any case. Moreover, today there are modern and progressive methods of treatment, which are allowed to quickly get rid of this problem. For example, sclerotherapy.

To date, sclerotherapy is called one of the most effective ways to treat varicose veins. And the procedure itself is quite simple. The result is achieved very quickly, which makes sclerotherapy very popular and popular technique.

One of the types of sclerotherapy of veins is laser therapy. It is great for those cases when other variants of sclerotherapy did not give an effect.

Laser sclerotherapy of veins: pluses

The use of a laser for the treatment of varicose veins is considered a very gentle method. Firstly, this procedure is practically painless, and therefore she likes ladies (especially those who have a high pain threshold). In addition, the result of such a procedure does not take long to wait – after 1-2 months after the end of the course the problem can not be recalled.

Laser coagulation of blood vessels allows to destroy the varicose vein, without harming the body and not aggravating the situation. When performing the procedure, the doctor pierces the diseased vein and inserts in it a light guide. Then local anesthesia is introduced, the light guide is connected to the retractor and laser apparatus. It remains only to specify certain parameters – in each case your own – and you can proceed. Saving time is another nice bonus of this technique.

In addition, the obvious advantages of laser treatment of varicose include the absence of any stitches or incisions that can remain after the operation. Laser treatment is performed in outpatient clinics conditions and does not require hospitalization and a long course of rehabilitation.

Laser sclerotherapy of veins: disadvantages

Disadvantages of laser treatment is small, but still they are, and they need to know about. First of all, this is the cost of treatment. Laser surgery is not a cheap pleasure. And this should be prepared, going to go through this procedure.

In addition, laser treatment is not suitable for all women who have a strong expansion of veins. Sometimes the result may not be as effective as we would like.

Indications and contraindications to sclerotherapy of veins

Sclerotherapy, including laser, is prescribed when the lady has vascular sprouts on her limbs, she has a diagnosis: "varicose veins", and there are single trunks and knots.

Do not recommend to go through the procedure of sclerosing veins to those who take hormonal drugs, is overweight, has neglected forms of cellulite in the zone of varicose veins, suffers from purulent diseases and various inflammations of the legs. Also, we will have to give up the procedure for thrombophlebitis owners and pregnant women.

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