Laser hair removal. Getting rid of the "mustache"

Laser hair removal. Getting rid of the "mustache"
Heredity or a violation of the hormonal background can lead to such a problem in women as "antennae." Plucking them constantly hurts, and leave everything as is unaesthetic. But there is a way to get rid of this problem forever. Laser facial hair removal is a popular service in the salons. Although the removal process will be quite long, but the effect will remain forever.

The number of procedures is important

A sufficient number of reviews of both epilation masters and ordinary women who applied this procedure make it possible to state with certainty that laser hair removal is effective. After all the procedures "antennae" over the upper lip will disappear forever.

The disadvantages of the procedure include its high cost. This is due to the fact that laser epilation of the upper lip is a multiple procedure. The hair follicles have 3 phases:

  • anagen;
  • catagen;
  • telogen.

With the help of laser hair removal, you can remove only the hair whose bulbs are in the first, that is, the active phase. After this, during 10-20 days, the bulbs pass into the second phase, and then drop out. But there are those bulbs that are in the third phase. This is the phase of rest and lasts for several months. But at some point the bulb from the telogen phase can go into the anagen phase. That's why laser hair removal is carried out almost monthly for at least a year. With this frequency, all the bulbs will be permanently removed.

But since the hair area above the upper lip is very small, the price for epilation of the upper lip is the lowest of all existing ones. It is possible that for 1 the procedure will need only 2 times to work with a laser.

Where do the "antennae" come from?

The causes of this problem may be heredity. Then you need a full course of hair removal. Strengthen the growth of hair over the upper lip can with puberty or with a violation of the hormonal background. If such a violation occurs as a result of taking hormone tablets, then you can make 1 an epilation procedure, and then consult a doctor to prescribe a more sparing drug. In no case you can not shave Hair, otherwise they will become darker and tougher.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Laser hair removal on the face – almost painless procedure. It lasts only a couple of minutes. Sensations from the action of the laser are similar to the usual pricking. Also, the heat from the laser is felt. That there were no painful sensations, after the procedure the master will treat the skin with an anesthetic. A few minutes after the end of the procedure, all the unpleasant sensations will disappear.

Recommendations and contraindications

Before epilation, you should not go to the solarium and sunbathe. After all, the laser acts on the pigment. And exposure to tanned skin can lead to burns.

Unfortunately, the laser will not affect the blondes and light-brown females. This feature is due to the fact that these women lack the pigment melanin due to which the laser acts.

Contraindications to the procedure are oncological diseases, poor blood coagulability, as well as infectious and skin diseases. During pregnancy, the procedure is possible, but not recommended.

Laser hair removal is exactly the procedure where the price is equal to the quality. All single and sufficiently low in price procedures for hair removal will be painful and ineffective. And with laser hair removal, the result is not only guaranteed, but also eternal.

But do not forget that before any procedure you need a specialist consultation.

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