Laser comb is a unique anti-alopecia remedy

Laser comb is a unique anti-alopecia remedy
The use of a laser comb is one of the modern methods of combating both male and female alopecia. This device is a development of scientists from NASA, it is designed to stimulate the growth of hair follicles. The effectiveness of the laser comb

It is necessary to understand that this device is effective only if laser technology can deal with alopecia. Do not forget about the etiology of the problem (reasons emergence baldness).

Так, случаи female hair loss, in comparison with that in men, are rare. The main cause of such an ailment in women are disorders in the hormonal background. Also, one of the causes of hair loss can be: a lack of chemical trace elements, various hypovitaminosis, the lack of protein of animal origin. Such deviations are revealed with vegetarianism and raw food, while maintaining such a lifestyle in the diet of a woman will lack the necessary proteins.

In the above situations, the laser comb will not give the expected result. The effectiveness of the comb can be only if it is included in the complex treatment: application along with the normalization of nutrition and restoration of the hormonal background.

In other situations, alopecia can be associated with the onset of stagnant processes in the skin. Negative effects of hair products can also be the cause of baldness. In this situation, the use of a comb will lead to a visible result. Following the systematic use of the device leads to the appearance of gun hair, the cessation of seborrhea, itching of the skin.

However, there are cases when the use of a laser comb does not lead to any changes, even with prolonged use – more than 6 months.

The action of the laser comb, the method of application

The laser comb has an effect on hair follicles by means of laser, light influence, influence by means of vibrations.

Thanks to the work of the comb, there is an increase in microcirculation of the blood, which activates the hair follicles, provides them with additional nutrients. Compared with a simple head massage, which gives a similar result to the comb, the action of the laser is more effective in stimulating the growth of the follicles.

The comb has no complexities in application, and the procedure itself takes no more than 15 minutes.
Способ применения: не торопясь расчесать волосы, уделяя особое внимание коже головы. На участках головы, где наблюдается отсутствие волос, применять расческу нужно, предварительно сняв насадку с зубцами, 3 раза в неделю в течение 15 минут.

The result can be noticed after 2 of the month of the beginning of the application of the comb:
– hair becomes thicker, stronger
– Intensive hair growth and decrease in their loss are noted.

– наличие онкологических заболеваний
– dermatitis
– neuritis of the facial nerve
– burns
– hemophilia

Hairbrush is not recommended children up to 12 years and pregnant.

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